Very important Attention According to the instructions of the Zakat and Income Authority, all suppliers must write the name (Al-Yamamah Trading and Contracting Company) and the VAT number 300436215600003 on the invoices submitted Note: Any invoices that violate the instructions will not be accepted

Supplier Portal - Al Yamama Company for Trading & Contracting

Note All invoices more than 3 month old need special apprvoval for diplay in portal

Welcome to Al Yamama Supplier Portal , the external resource for Yamama suppliers, Business Partners and Vendors as a part of our entire supply chain community

Al Yamama believes in creating sustainable partnerships with all its business partners who play a vital role in helping us delivery quality products and service safely .ethically and responsibly to our clients This portal enables business partners including suppliers to collaborate effectively with the company by providing customized access for meaningful information exchange over internet

What we procure

-Construction Material / General Store / Consumables
-Construction Equipment / Vehicles / Spares / IT Hardware & Software
-Incorporated Equipment / Engineering Goods
-Civil Engineering Subcontracting Services / Equipment Hiring / Piece Rate Work

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